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 As we continue to spend our days at home, the best t-shirts for women — once reserved for weekend wear or evenings on the couch — have quickly become wardrobe staples. The humble T-shirt, which was once too casual for most offices, is now a viable workday option, making T-shirts one of the most practical and useful pieces in any given closet. Whether you prefer something oversized and supersoft, fitted and cropped, or somewhere in between, the best T-shirts for women in their many forms are inherently utilitarian.


  Don Jamaine is currently taking up to 20% off a selection of its men’s and women’s apparel with deals starting under $18.00. Across the board, you’re looking at free shipping, as well. With spring weather on the way, now is a perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and save in the process. Don Jamaine is known for its more unique streetwear stylings as well as pop culture-inspired apparel, which you’ll find plenty of in today’s sale including Hats, graphic t-shirts, and much more. Head below for all of our top picks.




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If you’re hoping to find the best T-shirts for Women, look no further than the top 5 options we’ve listed below. Most brands offer different colorways for each tee, so you’ll just need to check the website if our color choices weren’t up to your standards.




 Top picks for Women include:

Top picks for women include:

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DJC  T-shirts

love Graphic Whether that love takes form in a lightweight sweater or a T-shirt, there’s no question that tee take things up a notch in a clean and sophisticated way.

 Tiger Rose  Tees



 There’s nothing quite like snuggling up in a worn-in T-shirt that looks like it could be vintage (even if you didn’t pick it up from your parents' closet). Invest in one now. Like a fine wine, it will only get better with age.









  Brand Logo Tees


Don Jamaine print, and other graphic tees are perhaps the most of-the-moment T-shirts.

Structural Baby Angle T-shirts


 T-shirts with architectural components, like an asymmetric silhouette, tend to feel more elegant than your average tee. Use them to dress up an outfit for work, or in-person get-togethers in the future.

A T-shirt is a style of fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. Traditionally it has short sleeves and a round neckline, known as a crew neck, which lacks a collar. T-shirts are generally made of a stretchy, light and inexpensive fabric and are easy to clean.
Typically made of cotton textile in a stockinette or jersey knit, it has a distinctively pliable texture compared to shirts made of woven cloth. Some modern versions have a body made from a continuously knitted tube, produced on a circular knitting machine, such that the torso has no side seams. The manufacture of T-shirts has become highly automated and may include cutting fabric with a laser or a water jet.
The T-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century and, in the mid-20th century, transitioned from undergarment to general-use casual clothing.
A V-neck T-shirt has a V-shaped neckline, as opposed to the round neckline of the more common crew neck shirt (also called a U-neck). V-necks were introduced so that the neckline of the shirt does not show when worn beneath an outer shirt, as would that of a crew neck shirt.[


The T-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century. First, the one-piece union suit underwear was cut into separate top and bottom garments, with the top long enough to tuck under the waistband of the bottoms. With and without buttons, they were adopted by miners and stevedores during the late 19th century as a convenient covering for hot environments.
As slip-on garments without buttons, the earliest T-shirt dates back to sometime between the 1898 Spanish–American War and 1913, when the U.S. Navy first issued them as undergarments.[4] These were a crew-necked, short-sleeved, white cotton undershirt to be worn under a uniform. It became common for sailors and Marines in work parties, the early submarines, and tropical climates to remove their uniform jacket, wearing (and soiling) only the undershirt.[5] They soon became popular as a bottom layer of clothing for workers in various industries, including agriculture. The T-shirt was easily fitted, easily cleaned, and inexpensive, and for those reasons, it became the shirt of choice for young boys. Boys' shirts were made in various colors and patterns. The word T-shirt became part of American English by the 1920s, and appeared in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.[


By the Great Depression, the T-shirt was often the default garment to be worn when doing farm or ranch chores, as well as other times when modesty called for a torso covering but conditions called for lightweight fabrics.[5] Following World War II, it was worn by Navy men as undergarments and slowly became common to see veterans wearing their uniform trousers with their T-shirts as casual clothing.[6] [1] The shirts became even more popular in the 1950s after Marlon Brando wore one in A Streetcar Named Desire, finally achieving status as fashionable, stand-alone, outerwear garments.[7] Often boys wore them while doing chores and playing outside, eventually opening up the idea of wearing them as general-purpose casual clothing.
Printed T-shirts were in limited use by 1942 when an Air Corps Gunnery School T-shirt appeared on the cover of Life magazine. In the 1960s, printed T-shirts gained popularity for self-expression as well for advertisements, protests, and souvenirs.
Current versions are available in many different designs and fabrics, and styles include crew-neck and V-neck shirts. T-shirts are among the most worn garments of clothing used today. T-shirts are especially popular with branding for companies or merchandise, as they are inexpensive to make and purchase.


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